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For the small price of a starbucks coffee and dessert, you can provide an Afghan woman with the education needed to change her life AND enough food to feed her children for an entire week!

It’s that easy to change the life of a woman and her family in Afghanistan. ANY DONATION, big or small, will make a world of difference.

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Women in Afghanistan are facing a crisis and they need YOUR help! Following the US withdrawal and the transition to a new government, Afghan women and children are more vulnerable than ever and in desperate need of financial resources. WEDO (The Women’s Entrepreneurship Organization) has been active in Afghanistan since 2014 and is partnering with OpenGrants.io to answer this crisis with a new initiative, Crypto For Afghan Women.

Crypto For Afghan Women empowers the women of Afghanistan by teaching them about cryptocurrency, which enables them to join this thriving, global financial community. This is where YOU come in! By donating just $10, the price of a Starbucks coffee and dessert, you are giving a woman an education to earn a stable income AND feed her family in Afghanistan for an entire week. Together, we can make a difference, so please join us and donate whatever you can! WEDO is here to make sure it goes where it’s needed most!


You’re A One Hit Wonder: Congratulations on Feeding One Woman and her Family for A Week!


Here’s a High Five!: Congratulations to Feeding Five Women and their Families for a Week!


Hang Ten!: Congratulations on Feeding 10 Women and their Families for a Week!


50 Shades of Crypto!: Here’s to Going Big & Bold in Feeding 50 Women and their Families for a Week!


You’re A Centurion!: Congratulations on Feeding 100 Women And Their Families Through Your Strength and Fortitude!

Everything YOU Need to Know About Our Grants:

The Crypto For Afghan Women program was launched to support the Women of Afghanistan during this disruptive and destabilizing time. Our innovative program will provide 100,000 Afghan women food for a week through the creative means of the cryptocurrency peer to peer ecosystem, allowing for full traceability and transparency. To make this a reality, we will supply these women with the necessary educational resources and tools, along with digital wallets for easy access to funds.

Through the Open Grants system, each woman will receive $10 in cryptocurrency after completing a required course that educates her on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. The $10 will allow her to feed her family for the week, and the education she receives will allow her to feed her family for a lifetime!

The mission of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization is to support ongoing positive social and economic change from the ground up (especially for those 2.5 billion people unbanked, who are mostly impoverished women) and to celebrate, empower, and support women entrepreneurs! WEDO is in a unique position to offer Afghan women not only the financial resources they need during a critical time, but also the education to become confident entrepreneurs with the ability to provide for their families.
WEDO, through its global female network, connections, and resources, has created this initiative to offer an efficient means to provide education and financial aid to Afghan women through immediate access to cryptocurrency and online learning. We would love your support!

Want to Volunteer? Great, we need YOU! Anything you can do or give will go to changing the life of a woman and her family! To connect, please email us at missy@womenseday.org.

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